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  • See the Surnames list.
  • Start off with Jan Haveman to get to his offspring and their offspring and so on.
  • Run a search on a particular name to bring up a list of all pages carrying that name.

If you see this camera next to someone's name, click on it to see their photo.  More pictures will be added as I receive them.


New Updates!...

February 2008 Updates:

  • We now have NOTES!
    Once you get to the page of the one you're looking for, simply click on their name to get to their individual Person Sheet, where you might find more information pertaining to them.

  • DeWeerd, Maria
  • Roelofs, Albert...Geesje...Hilligie...Jan...Jan...Jantje...Trijntje,
  • Kiers, Roelof
  • Kok, Jan Roelofs

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  • A Stories section... taken from the "History of the Haveman Family" and also from your very own submissions (see Help section below).  If you would like to have Your story told, please email it to me and I'll be sure to get it in.

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If you wish to submit family stories/tales/lore, or wish to contribute any additional information, or corrections regarding Haveman genealogy, please feel free to email me, Louis, at lou.haveman@gmail.com or simply fill out this comment form. Please remember to include birth/marriage/death dates (spell out the month, please, as I have a heck of a time discerning 06-05-78 from June 5th to May 6th), cities/states/countries, etc.

Oh, and if you have any pictures of the individuals listed on this site... I'd appreciate it if you'd share them with me so that I can post them here.  Either email the photos to me, or if you do not have access to a scanner, ask me for my mailing address and I will scan them in.  I will be sure to return all photos.

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Thank you,

Louis, Jr.

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